Arius Technology

To crewmembers and captains it’ll come as no surprise when an owner dreams of – and often goes ahead with  – installing multi-million fine art on board. However, from champagne corks, to cornflakes, it’s likely an owner will be concerned about the risks entailed, hesitating to bring art on-board outright.

This is where Arius Technology can step in, providing exclusive art reproduction services which allow paintings to be enjoyed anywhere in the world, while the original remains safely kept in storage, or even on the walls of a museum.

Arius CEO, Paul Lindahl, will speak about risk management of fine art on superyachts, and other high-risk environments, explaining how their advanced 3D scanning technology can digitize and replicate both the colour and geometry of the artist’s original brushstrokes. Developed in collaboration with world-leading museums, Arius’ technology carefully records details as fine as 1/10 a human hair, without even touching the surface of a painting.

In addition to creating high-fidelity textured reproductions, working with Arius allows art collectors to invest in a digital back-up of their works. Such data can be utilized in the event of a stolen or damaged artwork, or even to provide useful data for pre-emptive conservation, with the ability to detect early deterioration.


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