Art Onboard Superyachts: Managing Risk with bringing artefacts into international waters

Superyacht owners frequently have a passion for art, antiques, high end collectable design, ivory, coral and jewellery. There is a tendency to believe that if you own an asset, its movements and placing are your decision. But very often, crew will be completely unaware of liability issues, responsibility and often very contrasting laws that are in force in some of the world’s most popular marinas. It’s important to understand that if these laws are not adhered to it could result in a huge financial loss, criminal punishment and in some cases seizure of goods.

In this informative session learn about the unknown legal aspects that owners and crew could face by carrying antiques, art and other high value assets onboard. Gain an insight into the international laws around carrying prohibited materials onboard and learn how to avoid seizure, impoundment of goods and even imprisonment. Pandora will cover how to comply with CITES – The convention on trade with endangered species. She will also discuss restitution of fine art and National Treasure and heritage laws which restrict certain objects leaving their domicile. Art restitution and trafficking of antiquities: Pandora will enlighten delegates on related issues such as restitution of stolen and looted art and artefacts and how this affects collectors and the art world as a global movement.

Pandora will introduce the session by explaining the role of superyacht owner as art collector, luxury assets and an overview of the art world why art affects us all. She will conclude by summarising due diligence and compliance as it applies to fine art.

Pandora will alert participants to real life scenarios where seizure has occurred with seemingly innocuous objects.

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