ACREW B2B Masterclass: Accelerate Your Business in Superyachting

Scale-Up in 2018…The Only Business Acceleration System to Scale Your Company’s Growth Effectively!

In this program you will experience my top 10 necessary steps that every Business Leader must have to consistently move the needle in your Business Growth. We’ll cover: Mind-Set, Structure, Systems, Processes, People and Profit. I’ll walk you through my Business Accelerator System that I’ve used in companies all over the world. 15 countries and 4 continents in a wide variety of industries bringing breadth and depth of experience, solutions and resourceful Thinking to create the Shifts needed for your business success.

Every industry is forced to innovate, regardless of your offerings and the Superyacht Industry is being called UP – the market is the most transparent it’s ever been, the progression of how business works globally demands change and my Business Accelerator System provides the tools to navigate that change, your growth and the ability of your Company to Scale.

Please join us for an experiential presentation, a lovely lunch and be prepared to do a diagnostic on your Business Model.

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