Cruising the “Spanish”USVI’s & Visa Processes & Yacht Inspection Programme

A team of US Border Control is joining us for an insightful panel on the permits needed for cruising the USVI’s. The Spanish Virgin Islands are an oasis that one can only begin to comprehend the beauty of  when actually seen with their own eyes. The pristine white sand beaches stretch for miles, thriving undisturbed sea-life and crystal clear blue waters truly make this a hidden gem. Find out how to get cheaper permits and avoid the troubles of immigration to make this adventure possible! 

Further, the US Coastguards will be providing a general overview of the USCG control examinations for foreign flagged yachts. They will also be giving knowledge on the MSIB 016-16, CVC Policy Letter 15-04, procedures for examinations, and common deficiencies issued. Stop by to make sure you are in line with regulations, ensure the security and safety of your crew and yachts.


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