Culinary Island Centricity

Miles Thompson, Executive Chef at Christophe Harbour, is passionate about Caribbean cuisine. In an intimate and interactive workshop on Friday 15th January, he will unveil the secrets of sourcing and preparing local produce in order to create modern dishes that are both fit for superyacht clientele and in harmony with the local environment.

“I can see a future where, rather than bringing in food from across the globe, we are able to work with local producers to source the very best a country or region has to offer,” he says. And Miles is making this a reality. Travelling around St Kitts and Nevis, he is inspired by new food discoveries that surprisingly even the locals aren’t capitalizing on. Using his years of experience as a chef, he is not only creating new dishes, but also putting a unique twist on traditional Caribbean cuisine. From spiny lobster to plantain and passion fruit, the Caribbean is ripe with exceptional ingredients and preparation styles, which make for some fun in the kitchen.

“The most exciting menus on the planet these days are those where local and traditional meet modern cuisine,”says Miles. “It’s about balancing what the guest wants in terms of familiarity, with truly inspired dishes that are sourced locally.”At the workshop, Miles will share tips and techniques for incorporating both lesser known local foods and classic Caribbean ingredients into popular dishes like salads and smoothies. He will also share examples of new, inspired methods for utilizing traditional, native Caribbean ingredients. To visit a place and not sample its food is like visiting a landscape and not getting out of the car. It’s at the very core of culture.

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