Up Close and Personal with Cyber Security

 – 95% of cyber attacks have a human/user element to them – 

Come and listen to Cyberprism Maritime Ltd as we explain the cyber threat in plain language and bring you up to date on the threats that could affect you, using relevant examples from genuine instances that have happened over the last year. This will be linked to the different types of attacker and what they are targeting with their attack.

We will then discuss the human factor; the very real and significant gap that a user can be in your defences against a cyber attack. This will be presented in the context of People, Technology and Process; finding the sweet spot which balances the requirements of each of these elements. For example, the best technical solution is no real use if it makes the system in question unusable or does not support an essential business process; a strong policy is no use without technology and awareness to enforce it.
The discussions will be interspersed with a couple of demonstrations to bring the subject to life and highlight some of the tricks which could be used to enable an attack.

We will conclude with a short look at the mitigations you should be considering, what help and guidance is available, what to do if an attack happens to your vessel and a quick overview of our solutions to the problem.
There will be an opportunity for general questions at the end of our session and we would also be very happy to have individual discussions during the event or in the future.

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