DNV: Decarbonizing & Digitalizing – What is coming towards yachting?

Decarbonization and digitalization are transforming the shipping industry and, in the wake of these changes, there are fuel options and technology solutions that can be advantageous to the superyacht industry too. This event sponsored by DNV aims to provide an understanding of the trends and options for low or zero-carbon yachting, while also examining the capabilities and limits of advanced technologies driving the digital transformation in the shipping industry.


08:00-09:00     Breakfast

09:00-09:10    Setting the scene with Mark Kruidenier, Business Development Manager, DNV

09:10-10:15    Towards zero-carbon 

  • The best laid plans of mice and men
  • Cause the fuels, they are a-changing
  • E-asy
  • What else can we do

10:15-11:15    Get Digital 

  • Digital Twin
  • A.I. = An Idiot?
  • Cyberships
  • Augmented Reality

11:15-11:30    Closing Ceremony


Towards Zero Carbon-Yachts

While yachts are mostly exempted from IMO regulations for decarbonization, environmental concerns are bringing change to the superyacht segment. Stricter local regulations and public scrutiny are calling for a more sustainable yachting industry in a bid to reduce the segment’s impact on the oceans. This panel will shed a light on the current regulatory framework and explore the best fuel options to increase the sustainability of yacht operations.

Get Digital

The transition towards digitalization is speeding up in the maritime industry. Increased competitiveness, enhanced operational efficiency and improved safety are the goals. This panel aims to explain in layman’s terms some of the technologies that are disrupting the industry while exploring how the superyacht segment can rip the benefits of this grand transformation.






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