Drone Handling and Encountering Drones. Security, Defence and Privacy

Using drones onboard is a fun activity and amazing video and photographs taken from the sky are a pleasure for owners, guests and crew alike. The technology is moving forward at a phenomenal rate and the understanding of crew and Captains needs to match this if they are to be operating legally. This workshop first provides a practical opportunity to improve your drone handling from Christophe Harbour’s Michael Chandler. Learning how to take off and land safely as well as keeping control of the drone will be key features.

Wayne Britton of Securewest will then outline the legalities and recommended practices involved with drone use and what you can/should do if you encounter a drone flying around or over your yacht. Addressing anti-drone measures, shooting down drones in the context of Port State Controls and liability issues, discussion and questions are welcomed from the floor. With some drones having the capacity to carry ied’s and chemicals, not to mention cameras, this session is one of paramount importance for all superyacht crew and Captains that seek clarity in this new yet grey area.

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