How Guest and Owner Personality Affects their Service Preferences

When serving guests and owners, no one size fits all. With such high expectations, to really impress them the service has to match their favoured style and preferences. Some enjoy big social occasions with lots of friends and bubbly interactive service, while some prefer quiet or intimate evenings and very unobtrusive staff.

In this seminar Alison Rentoul of The Crew Coach teaches you how to identify the personality profiles of guests and owners, what each of the core profiles prefers in terms of service, and how you can further use this information to create incredibly synchronised high performing teams.

Learn the eight different profiles, all of whom will expect and enjoy different things from their experiences onboard. A ‘Dynamo Creator’ for example wants you to wow them with creative ideas and make the service super snappy, while a ‘Tempo Trader’ would prefer you not to rush them, but make sure everything comes at the right time and with careful and thoughtful personal touches. The four key types of service preference will also be explained which will help attendees plan service with incredible precision and forethought.

If you wish to undertake a personality test that will suggest your own personlity and preferences ahead of the session you can go to and take the free ‘Genius Test’ on the website Genius U.

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