Superyacht Crew and Cyber: How to Ensure you are not to Blame for an Attack

Cybercriminals are clever and cunning.  They will use any and all means to achieve a successful attack on a superyacht.  Crew are a vessel’s greatest asset, and defense to a cyber-attack, but also a real cyber vulnerability.  In this hands-on collaborative workshop, CSS Platinum will help you understand how you can be targeted by criminals and be the “way in / cause” of a successful cyber-attack.  We will then help you understand how your personal data is vulnerable (dark web) and how to configure your devices and social media settings to provide yourself and your superyacht with the greatest cyber protection.  Please remember to bring your laptops and mobile phones.

Learning Points:

• How cybercriminals are targeting you.

• Safe devices: How to configure your device to provide you with the greatest protection.

• Safe internet usage: How to use the internet and social media safely to minimise the chance of being targeted.



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