Load Testing and Ropes

Regulations and safety around the load testing of ropes is an area where a great deal of judgement needs to be applied.How, when, where and by whom are all important questions to have answered onboard in order to stay within the guidelines. Gavin presents best practice in this area gained from his years of working with excellent Captains, Bosuns and Deckhands.
Looking at the line strength, knots and splices in terms oftheir breaking points, real testing will be demonstrated in theworkshop from work completed by attendees. The discussions
will follow about the relative actual strength of knots, splicesand ropes, as well as more technical tips and advice.Attendees will leave with an understanding of the sciencebehind the results and how to ensure the results from yourown testing are reliable and valid. The best ways to manageand record load testing to be compliant with regulations willalso be shared.
Great for Captains, Bosuns, 1st/2nd Officers and all aspiring Deckhands.


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