The Crew Masquerade Party

The Caribbean Carnival of St.Kitts and Nevis is famous for its colourful, flamboyant dancing and beautiful outfits. Its local name ‘Sugar Mas’ comes from the shortening of the word masquerade and is often used interchangeably with carnival in the Caribbean. For the Crew Masquerade Party the challenge is to bring your own twist to the art of masquerade. Choose influences from the famous Caribbean or Rio carnivals and blend them with the Masquerade Balls of 16th Century Europe!

This provides plenty of opportunity for  headresses, feathers, bright colours, ball gowns and face painting. For men all of the above (bar the ball gown), or you can stick to the European style and rock out your best formal wear but with all your creative juices concentrating on an amazing mask. Bring the colour, bring the dancing to the party. The venue is the Salt Mill, a bar/restaurant on the beach which features the most amazing cocktail bar by the sea!

Registration for this workshop has now closed.