MASTERCLASS: Rock Your Refit

Knowing how to lead on a refit is not an area all Captains and HoD’s are well prepared for. However, they are expected to deliver a large and complex project on time, to specification and within budget.
Those that know the refit process in and out are the projectmanagers and contractors that are delivering many refits every year. The rationale for this masterclass is to distil the very best of the knowledge from trusted companies in to concrete, easily applicable information for the Captains and Crew.
Captains need to understand best practice in key areas to move in to the refit process with confidence and a clear vision. Rock Your Refit takes delegates on the refit journey from preparing months in advance to signing the vessel off.
It is in the interest of Captains, Crew, contactors and yards to protect themselves with clear, accurate and shared documentation. When this is in place, the challenges that inevitably present themselves during refit can be discussed in clear terms without timescales and budget changing unless obviously necessary.
In part one of the Masterclass, those that know will offer their hard earned advice on optimising a refit. A panel discussion that shares the best practice for making your refit fit for 2016. ACREW believes that the conversation that matters in this regard is the conversation between the experts in their specialist area and the specialist Crew and Captains that are working on the yachts day in dayout. ACREW is pleased to be the intermediary in such worthwhile interactions.
In part two specialists will provide insights in to different areas of refit. Essential topical areas such as radio use in the refit yard, innovative uses of vinyl wrapping as well as managing work lists to inform the refit before, during and after the refit will be covered. Affording the opportunity to answer questions during or after the masterclass, our experts are enthusiastic about presenting the ‘insider’s guide’ to rocking your refit.
Anyone planning to refit soon will benefit from this help in preparation; providing knowledge, experience and contacts that will be of immense value during the refit challenge.



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