Pick Up Free Lunch Bag

Captains and Crew are invited to La Rascasse to enjoy good wifi, a  place to relax and connect with fellow Crew or to pick up a grab-and-go lunch bag. Our Partner Gourmet Deliveries also provides a small wine-tasting while handing out the lunch bag.

Lunch Description:  

Both options come with the Healthy Poke Bowl

Chicken Ceasar Wraps

Herb coated chicken, cream cheese, romaine lettuce, and grader cheese with Cesar salad dressing

Vegetarian Picnic Rolls

Cheddar cheese mixed with mayonnaise, spring onion, and celery with lettuce and cucumber

The Healthy Poke Bowl

Quinoa salad with cherry tomato, cucumber, sweetcorn, enamine beans, grated carrot, crispy onion, and a hard-boiled egg

Drinks: Purchase at the bar, a free water bottle for grabs


Registration for this workshop has now closed.