Pick Up Free Lunchbox

Captains and Crew are invited to La Rascasse to enjoy good wifi, a  place to relax and connect with fellow Crew or to pick up a grab-and-go lunch bag. Our Partner Gourmet Deliveries also provides a small wine-tasting while handing out the lunch bag. 


Lunch Bag Menu description:

– Salad : Pasta + mushroom, tomato, marinated zucchini & mozzarella. Cheese & bread

– Sandwich : Pan Bagna – the classic from Nice ( homemade bread with olive oil, salad, tuna, eggs, tomato & pepper)

– Vegetarian sandwich : Brie de Meaux (homemade bread, salad, Brie, onion and pickles)

– Dessert: Macarons

– Drink: Locally produced beer 



Registration for this workshop has now closed.