The practical care of on-board art collections

The Practical Care of On-board Art Collections introduces the art world to superyacht crew. It is known for art collections on board to be worth more than the yacht itself, so an understanding of how to care for, clean, maintain and move precious art is becoming an increasingly sought after skill set. Preservation of value and avoiding deterioration and damage are vital issues for owners. The workshop introduces art history and looks at the type of art you may find on superyachts. The main focus of the workshop will be on cleaning, maintenance, sharing key advice on how to care for pieces and most importantly what not to do when handling art collections. Where to place the art onboard, how to move it and how to handle storage and shipping are all covered briefly, arming attendees with enough information to work more confidently in this area. Art expert Pandora will also be available to answer any specific questions crew and captains may have about the art in their care after the workshop.


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