Prohibition Cocktail Workshop

Ever heard of a Gin Rickey, French 75, Tom Collins, Side Car, White Lady, Whiskey Sour or a Bees Knees? Many of the World’s most famous cocktails were created in hidden speakeasies during the Prohibition era. This seminar will delve into the history of the Prohibition era, with a core focus on Gin & Bourbon. Often not a choice to experiment with cocktails in modern time, these spirits formed the backbone of what cocktail culture is today. We will be creating some of these prohibited drinks using Tanqueray Ten Gin, Bulleit Bourbon Rye and Whiskey. These recipes will be ones you could add to your cocktail list on board, with the knowledge to entertain your guests at the same time! Of course, there may be a little more happening – but that wouldn’t be true to the secretive nature of a speakeasy would it?


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