Responsible Marina Stewardship

For superyacht captains who follow good environmental stewardship practices onboard, berthing in a marina that doesn’t follow similar policies can be quite frustrating. Former superyacht captain Aeneas Hollins, now Director of Yachting at Christophe Harbour, leads a discussion of best stewardship practice for superyacht marinas and marine environments. The discussion will draw upon Aeneas’s direct experience with developing a new marina at Christophe Harbour and shepherding a new yachting industry in St. Kitts, but will also draw on the audience’s own experiences for a more global perspective. The aim is to uncover those marinas that demonstrate quality stewardship to the highest levels and how they do it. Also, the group will discuss poor practices and identify how to mitigate. This workshop is great for any crew interested in preserving the marine environment.


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