Ropes and Rigging Part 1: Cordage Materials and their use in Yachting

Shag Morton and Timo van Aggele of FKG Marine Rigging and Fabricating present a workshop dedicated to understanding the huge variety of rope products out there and how to ensure you are using the right rope for the right job.

In a practical session they will bring examples of many different ropes, will discuss their individual attributes and how they can be constructed to create a final product. Those that are familiar with Shag know that they have a wealth of experience in the industry and will share many stories to demonstrate how the knowledge is successfully applied (or not!) on board and under pressure.

Some discussion around the effects of chafe and fatigue will be included, as well as looking at care and maintenance. In addition, they will address industry regulations and how these are interpreted to ensure the safety and legality of a rig.

Registration for this workshop has now closed.