Situational Leadership for Superyachts

Peter Vogel of Interior Yacht Services and Aeneas Hollins, a former superyacht captain of 15 years, present a methodology for exceptional leadership on board. This is not only about how to develop your own style but also how to create leaders on board that teach and guide others, and that are then inspired to remain an important part of the team.

Every member of crew and every situation requires a slightly refined, nuanced style of leadership if you are to create consistently positive outcomes. Situational Leadership is the only method you will ever need as it teaches you to analyse, diagnose and apply the best leadership style to any situation. Leadership is an art: when you become highly skilled at it, you inspire greatness in everyone.

The long term success of any boat, as with any organisation, is largely based on the ability to develop and retain great staff. Nurturing crew and helping them to develop requires an understanding of the individual and where they are on the development scale in relationship to the task assigned. Even the most talented deckhand will still need to be shown how to complete a task when doing it for the first time. With time, practice and effective leadership, a crewmember can become an expert who is able to teach others, freeing up your time and energy.

Situational Leadership provides a shared process, language and culture. This workshop is unique in providing a comprehensive overview in the context of captaining a superyacht. It will help you to create a culture of shared leadership and professionalism on board, where individual goals and collective goals merge, enabling crew to see their potential professional development pathway clearly laid out before them.

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