Sleep and Circadian Rhythms: How are Performance, Safety, and Wellness Affected and How to Mitigate Negative Outcomes.

In this workshop, Eliza Van Reen founder & CEO of Circadian Positioning Systems will explain the science of sleep and circadian rhythms. You will learn about the consequences of inadequate sleep and circadian rhythm misalignment. Finally, you will learn about ways to enhance sleep and circadian rhythms including technological advances in this area.

Sleep and circadian rhythms influence human performance, impulsivity, decision-making, learning, memory, attention, alertness, and overall physical and mental health. The demand for humans to perform critical work-related tasks at adverse circadian phases (i.e., biological night) while lacking adequate sleep has played a role in some of the world’s most devastating industrial and engineering disasters,as well as negative outcomes on overall health and wellness. All industries where performance, alertness, and attention are critical for mission success are affected by the interaction of inadequate sleep and adverse circadian phase (e.g., military professionals, professional sports, emergency responders, medical professionals, yacht crew).



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