Smooth Sailing with Adriatic Services

The workshop will consist of three main talking topics in which we will discuss clearance procedure in Croatia including immigration, harbormaster office, police, and customs department – how and what to best prepare for the procedure to avoid any unnecessary problem.

The second part will consist of the latest COVID update which is of interest to both yacht crew and their guests. Within this part, we will also discuss possible crew vaccination and for the end, we will discuss the current situation with Croatia and Schengen and new regulations regarding the Non-EU crew who need valid Schengen visas to work in Croatia.

The last part of the presentation is to introduce our participants to Dubrovnik – especially the old town of Dubrovnik in which the crew will have the opportunity to get to know Dubrovnik from the eyes of the guests. We will also present an opportunity for all those interested to have a crew-guided tour when / if they are in the Dubrovnik area.

Three learning points will be:

– Get to know Croatian customs & immigration formalities and how to be prepared for clearance and what to avoid.

– Learn about the latest COVID measures & Schengen regulations –

– Learn about Dubrovnik from the guest’s view



Registration for this workshop has now closed.