Talk to the PYA – Sea Service, Career Advice and Guidance from the Voice of International Yacht Crew

The PYA team will be on hand to advise crew on recording and verifying their sea service, guidance on qualifications, and any advice or support they are seeking for their yachting careers. The PYA has been representing professional yacht crew since 1991, and has been authorised by the MCA to verify sea service on its behalf since 1994.


If you come and talk to us at the show, you can join the PYA with a 20% reduction on your first year’s membership. Full members will receive the MCA-approved Service Record Book in which the PYA will verify their sea service, both retrospective and present. This is the MCA’s preferred method of sea service verification. The PYA is now authorised to verify sea service for non-members on a pay-as-you-go basis. If required, new members can also get their Yacht Rating Certificate and MCA Training Record Book for free when they join the PYA. Associate members will receive the PYA Crew Work Book, which can be used to start recording their sea service, but also to record the crew’s attendance at selected ACREW workshops which have received professional PYA endorsement. This can be used in conjunction with their CV to prove to employers that they have invested in their own professional development.


Come and talk to us and find out more about what we can do for you and your yachting career!



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