WORKSHOP: Understanding Stabilization – Tips & Tricks to Combat Seasickness

Tired of seasickness keeping you tied to the dock with agitated guests, frustrated owners and crew members desperately trying to hang on? This seminar will help you gain a better understanding of wave patterns and stabilization in order to optimize the guest/owner/crew experience. Discover the science of why rolling motions and seasickness are best friends. Find out why a boat rolls more in some conditions than in others. Take action at the helm to avoid the dreaded “mal de mer.” This interactive workshop will break down the complicated topic of ship roll response to a few simple practical elements and help you look like a hero to the guests, owners and your fellow crew members.

Gwen Benoit, Naval Architect at Quantum Marine Stabilizers will cover:

  • Identify the main causes of motion sickness and related discomfort onboard a ship
  • Identify the three main types of ship roll response, and which response scenarios are most likely to cause seasickness
  • Assess changes to ship operations that can reduce ship roll motion



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