Understanding the Importance of your “Roll Period”

This practical seminar will use visuals and demonstrations to teach some of the science and strategies behind stabilization or roll reduction. Once you know your roll period, there are tips and tricks that you can apply to mitigate discomfort. For example, a ship experiences its largest roll angles at or near its natural roll period. Roll angles are measured in degrees and roll periods are measured in seconds and associated with roll velocity. Worldwide cruising destinations have corresponding wave periods that may or may not be compatible with your vessel’s roll period. Getting that next bump in income could be greatly influenced by the owner’s comfort onboard!


1. A “natural” roll period is the time for the ship to complete one full roll after subjected to a force.

2. If you had a choice to purchase a vessel with a fast or slow roll period, which one is likely to be more comfortable?

3. If a ship rolls at the same frequency as the wave… what are your options?



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