Introducing ACREW+

ACREW+ is a far-reaching service designed to provide superyachts with measurable tools to significantly improve crew retention and performance. ACREW+ comprises 4 key components CrewTalent, CrewMatch, CrewSkills and FutureCrew. These 4 services will save your superyacht money through improved engagement, more highly skilled teams, and overall better crew retention.

The 4 key services ACREW+ provides superyachts for better longevity:

CrewTalent powered by Luxury Hospitality involves crew members undertaking a personality assessment & receives a report detailing their competences and inherent interests so they can better work in the strengths and understand their challenges. The professional insight specialists can then conduct a team debrief session where we seek to improve upon the effectiveness, cohesion and productivity of the team through understanding the individuals. Finally, Captains and Heads of Department receive a detailed report clearly outlining how the team can work optimally together and where improvements can be made. Included in CrewTalent is also an ACREW+ Engagement test. Prior to conducting the personality assessment the yacht can first measure the overall engagement and dedication onboard with the ACREW+ Engagement Survey.

CrewMatch compliments your recruitment process by enabling you to find the individual best suited to match your existing team. Proven  to double the chances of a successful placement, you can now hire the candidate who will best thrive when managing the specific demands of your vessel. We can advise you of the best personality profile for the vacancy by analysing the current CrewTalent in that department We then offer an overnight service to profile the candidate using the Luxury Hospitality Skill Assessment Test and report back on your final selection of candidates to support an informed choice.

CrewSkills powered by Sentini Marine is a comprehensive digital professional development application for all crew onboard. The first programme available is the digital GUEST Training Record Book for interior crew, with more training records for Deck and Engineering coming soon. This user-friendly app works offline for ease of use onboard. CrewSkills helps crew develop skills and experience, resulting in better standards onboard as well as generating an ongoing sense of achievement and recognition.  

FutureCrew enables you to bring new career crew into superyachting through a trusted and professional program. ACREW+ will advise you on the profile of your perfect candidate and then you can select your “green” crew member through our video database. Benefit from accessing motivated, focussed crew without paying placement fees or wading through CVs. Choosing your next crew member through FutureCrew will demonstrate loyalty to and appreciation of the future superyacht crew community. All FutureCrew members will have completed their Luxury Hospitality Assessment Test to help you find the best fit to join your team.

Find out how ACREW+ can improve crew longevity and performance on your superyacht in this short video

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