Superyacht Business Awards 2020

The Superyacht Business Awards is the global awards programme where captains and crew select the best businesses working in the superyacht sector. ACREW invites its network of over 15,000 Captain and Crew members to vote on the superyacht businesses that deserve to be recognised as the best in their field. Winners and Runners-Up receive the Superyacht Business Awards stamp to showcase their seal of approval from Captains and Crew around the world. 

Superyacht captains and crew depend heavily on the products, services and support of the businesses that surround them. This in turn enables the captains and crew to provide an excellent experience and service to guests and owners. The most efficient and reliable way to discover the best businesses in superyachting, is to ask their consumers; the superyacht captains and crew. 

In 2020 the Superyacht Business Awards will recognise excellence in 4 categories: Superyacht Marinas, Provisioning Companies, Insurance Companies and Superyacht Agents. These business areas represent some  of the essential businesses that captains and crew rely on globally. 

From 15th June until 31st July ACREW invites all superyacht captains and crew to nominate the best companies in these categories based on their impeccable services and support. Crew are encouraged to leave endorsements and comments to back-up their reasons for nominating the businesses, in order for the judges to appropriately evaluate the finalists.  Likewise, businesses are invited to enter the Superyacht Business Awards; to have the opportunity to be included in the shortlisting and perhaps go on to award the winning business in their field. 

From 19th October to 13th November 2020, superyacht captains and crew will be invited to vote for the best superyacht businesses. The voting stage will conclude with the runners-up and winners of the Superyacht Business Awards, being announced on 30th November 2020.

Are you a business operating in the Superyacht Industry and would like to get more information on how you can participate in the Superyacht Business Awards 2020? Click on the button “PARTICIPATE NOW” below, fill out the participation form and we will get in touch with you providing you with more information.

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Best Marina

The Best Superyacht Marina Award recognises the marina for providing the best standard of services and facilities to Superyacht Captains & Crew. This marina is also praised for their willingness to assist Superyacht guests; ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable stay. Whether a home port or a destination marina, the winner of this award is loved and appreciated by crew. 

Best Provisioning Company

The Best Provisioning Company Award is awarded to the company which has provided an outstanding and exemplary service to Superyacht Chefs and Interior Crew on a global, regional and country scale. The quality of the produce and the ability to thoroughly support the needs and demands of the Crew, especially during times of high pressure, has been met with meticulous professionalism.

Best Insurance

The Best Insurance Award is awarded to the Insurance company that has provided an excellent and reliable service, as well as complete coverage, to Superyacht Captains and Crew, and/or to the Superyacht itself. 

Best Superyacht Agent

The Best Superyacht Agent Awards recognises and honours the seamless and efficient efforts in shore-support from countries and regions around the world. The Superyacht Agent has a comprehensive local and legal knowledge of their country or region and, coupled with their competency at executing requests and handling issues, has proved themselves to be unimpeachable and exemplary.