Empowering Vessels and Recruiters in the Yachting Industry

Are you in search of fresh talent and your next exceptional crew member? Look no further! ACREW has proudly joined forces with Meridian to revolutionize the Recruitment Process in the yachting industry. Keep reading to discover how we can assist you in hiring your next outstanding crew member or finding a job onboard.

For Recruiters:

Meridian offers recruiters a powerful platform to connect with employers and access a diverse pool of qualified crew members. Through our integrated software, recruiters can efficiently source and match candidates to job opportunities, streamline their hiring process, and provide exceptional service to employers in need of top talent.

For Vessels:

Find the perfect crew member for your team with Meridian°. We offer two powerful options tailored to your hiring preferences: Meridian° DirectHire and Meridian° RecruiterCloud.

Meridian° DirectHire: Take control of your crew hiring process with Meridian° DirectHire. This self-service solution allows you to post jobs directly through your employer account. Gain access to a vast pool of talented crew members and manage the verification and hiring process independently. With flexible month-to-month plans, you have the freedom to hire at your own pace and specific needs.

Meridian° RecruiterCloud: Let expert recruiters find the ideal crew members for your team with Meridian° RecruiterCloud. One call connects you to a global network of top recruitment agencies. Sit back and relax as our trusted recruiters swiftly send you their most qualified candidates. Benefit from their expertise, industry knowledge, and extensive network, saving you time and effort in sourcing the best crew members.

For Crew Members:

Meridian provides crew members with a comprehensive platform to showcase their skills, connect with potential employers, and access a wide range of career-enhancing resources. From educational content and training opportunities to job postings and networking events, Meridian equips crew members with the tools they need to excel in their maritime careers.

Join ACREW and Meridian today to unlock a world of opportunities in the maritime industry. Whether you are a crew member seeking career growth, a recruiter looking to connect with talent, or an employer in need of skilled crew members, our integrated platform has the resources and connections to support your success.