Category: Stew Crew Awards 2020 Award Category

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This Crew Award is for the Stew that has proven to add significantly to the guest experience onboard by showcasing excellent housekeeping skills, guest interaction and service skills. The award winning Stew has great interpersonal competencies and is proactive in guest service as well as in helping crew colleagues. The Stew not only provides great service, but also brings additional skills onboard elaborated through experience and learning.

Key competences:
• Food service – including silver service
• Drink service and bar tending
• Cabin preparation
• Flower arranging
• Hospitality

Judging criteria:
• Hospitality
• Service
• Personal development
• Attitude/stamina
• Team spirit
• Housekeeping
• Guest focus
• Additional skills

Contribute to the MaritimeMT Crew Awards Charity that helps young people to start their lives and their careers.

Award category sponsored by Barcelona Crew Academy