Cyber Security: Under the Radar Webinar

ACREW hosted Cyber Security: Under the Radar Webinar on 31st March at 4 PM CET with CSS, DARKTRACE and IYBA and showed you how cybercriminals are targeting YOU!

The superyacht & maritime communities are prime targets for cybercriminals but HOW do they target our captains, crew, owners, brokers and other maritime community members?

We walked the attendees through scenarios from a cyber criminal’s perspective – we showed them what they are after and how they target, manipulate and trick individuals and organisations.

The webinar delivered Maritime focused Cybersecurity production to help those within our community understand and protect themselves from cyber-attack.

Our esteemed panel discussed how cybercriminals are targeting the maritime industry. We also discussed how to protect yourself, your fellow crew members, vessels, owners and families from cybercriminal organisations.


Registration for this event has now closed.