Alejandro Exposito

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Alejandro Expósito is a Material Technologist and he holds a Postgraduate Degree in Polymers (Coating Technology) from IQS Barcelona University. In addition, he complements his educational background with the following international certifications in the field of Corrosion and Coating Technology:

• NACE International: Corrosion Technician.

• NACE International: Off-Shore Corrosion Technician.

• NACE International: Shipboard Assessment Corrosion Technician.

• NACE International: Coating Inspector Level III. (Marine and Bridge Specialties).

• NACE International: PCS: Protective Coating Specialist.

• FROSIO Inspector Level III.

• SSPC: The Society for Protective Coatings: PCS: Protective Coating Specialist.

Mr Expósito´s background includes over 20 years experience on Material performance and protection, Corrosion control and Coating Technology involved in New building and maintenance works in different industrial structures such as Commercial and Navy Ships, Yachts and Megayachts, Offshore Platforms, Off-shore windmills and different types of on-shore industrial plants. His duties involve Expert services (testifying and consulting), Coating failure analysis, Coatings litigation support, specification review and writing, Inspection and Survey. He is currently the CEO/CTO in Optimiza Laboratory and Paint Experts which has more than 15 years as independent consultancy, inspection and laboratory in Corrosion Control and Coatings Technology. From 2.022 is also business administrator for MPT (Material Protection Technologies) a technology base company focused on research and development of disruptive and technological solutions to increase the durability of assets in different sectors of the industry. Mr Expósito is also an international instructor for the following courses programmes: NACE International: Coating Inspector CIP 1 and CIP2, Marine Coating Technology, O-CAT, S-CAT and Protective Coating Specialist PCS1, 2 and 3 and for the following SSPC The society for protective Coatings: C7 and C12 for industrial operators (Dry abrasive blasting and Coating application). He teaches courses all around the world mainly in Europe, USA and South America. He is also associated professor in universities for Master or specific topics in Materials Protection Technologies, Corrosion and Protective Coatings. In 2.014 he was the recipient of the SSPC´s Coating education award. This international award is given for significant development and dissemination of educational material and technical information related to protective coatings and their application