Barbara Clerq

Chief Officer

I have been lucky enough to grow up on the French Riviera. As a child you would always find me by the sea, sailing or freediving whenever I was not at school.

After I studied communication and anthropology, my career took me away from the ocean and this made me realize how much I love and want to protect it. That is why I decided to quit my land based job and work at sea, be a professional and an ambassador of its beauty and fragility. The yachting industry offers such an amazing life, full of challenges, team spirit and beautiful places.
Our job is basically to provide happiness to our most demanding guests, that is what we are expert in ! And we need to find the synergy between our activities and the ocean so that we can do it forever.
I am grateful and honoured to have been awarded twice by ACREW community in  2018 and 2019 : on sustainability award and as best first officer. So it is natural to me now to explore the horizon of other professional crew members that make our industry so beautiful and it is such a great pleasure to get to reward those who bring so much to the industry!