Brent Palmer

Director, Medical Instructors & Strategic Customer Relationships
[email protected]

Brent has extensive knowledge and expertise in providing medical support in the most challenging circumstances within both emergency medicine and the military environment. He is registered nurse and served 10 years in the New Zealand Army as a medic working in such diverse remote locations as Antarctica, the Middle East and remote sailing locations around the world.

Brent joined MedAire in 2011 as part of the merger with Yacht Lifeline, a marine medical assistance and training company supporting the international yachting community, where he was co-founder. He played a significant role integrating the former Yacht Lifeline business into MedAire and as the Director of Training spearheading the training agenda for MedAire.

Brent’s strong operational expertise and customer approach lead him to his next role leading the MedAire medical assistance platform. In his role as Head of Assistance, Brent was responsible for overseeing the service delivery platform of the Global Response Centre (GRC), MedLink, the provider network, staff training, and quality assurance with a focus on enhancing synergies and the establishment of best practice across both medical and operations platforms.

Brent Palmer is currently the Director of Strategic Customer and Medical Instructors. Brent works with our global aviation clients to build stronger partnerships, help establish best practices and identify operational efficiencies that lead to an improved business and patient outcomes. Additionally, Brent manages our global instructor base of 180 medical instructors to deliver world class first responder training to the aviation and yachting sectors.