Emmanuel Akintunde

Founder & Managing Director
[email protected]

After a successful career as an award-winning actor in TV, film and theatre, in 2008, Emmanuel jumped into the world of entrepreneurship, primarily in the entertainment industry. His most successful business to date, GF Entertainment, is a boutique entertainment company which specialises in providing unforgettable experiences to clients across the world. Primarily, this is in the global luxury yacht industry for ultra-high-net-worth individuals.

Akintunde first introduced GFE to the superyacht industry in 2017, and now 60% of GFE’s clients are superyacht owners looking for unrivalled experiences and access to exclusive talent. This is an industry he is particularly passionate about, having created and provided unique entertainment services for events like the Monaco Yacht Shows, MYBA show in Barcelona, the Cogs for Cancer fundraiser, and the coveted James Bond Party – not to mention countless private parties for yacht owners.

He is currently a finalist for the Great British Entrepreneur Awards in the Service Industries Entrepreneur of the Year category. The Great British Entrepreneur Awards has been described by Steven Bartlett as ‘The Grammy’s of Entrepreneurship’. Results will be unveiled in November 2022.