Jamila Garcia

Former Chief Stewardess / Founder Starfish Crew
I worked in the yachting industry for 11 years, until 2021. In 2016, I founded and created my business Starfish Crew. Starfish Crew is an online consultancy service focused on guiding Spanish speakers into the yachting industry. I also advise and specialise as a lecturer for the International Butler School of Madrid, as well as offering my freelance line of business for other service schools that require my specific training services dedicated towards UHNW guests and clientele. And I also provide crew recruiting services. 

My fondest passions are:
Fashion: I enjoy spending my hardearned money on luxury pieces that I will keep forever, and eventually pass on to my daughter one day.

Property investment: Buying and selling property, and managing our long and shortterm rentals. Carrying out renovations, interior design, and decoration.

Health and Wellness: Taking care of both my body and mind is important to me. I enjoy wholesome,
 nutritious food, staying active and fit, and working on my mental health through yoga, meditation, and other practices that allow me to maintain a positive head space.
I thoroughly enjoy travelling, but I am a home girl at heart. I cherish my time at home with my loved ones, especially since I became a mother and recently built our family home.

I was originally recruited by the owner of my first vessel himself. An elegantly stunning 56metre world cruising ice-class expedition vessel. 
I knew absolutely nothing about the yachting industry, not even that it existed! And thought about it as a “summer job”. Little did I know that it would become the best job in the whole world! I honestly felt like I had found a secret porthole and had won the lottery.  Not long after, I became a Chief Stewardess, employed on vessels ranging from 50 to 65 metres.
Since starting my business in 2016 I transitioned ashore, occasionally working on a freelance basis.
This allowed me to continue running my business, spending more time with my husband, and remaining working on yachts.
I was not ready to leave yachts! It has given me so much! I can honestly say that I have been incredibly fortunate throughout my yachting career. Worked on profound vessels, for outstanding professional Captains, and luckily with incredibly appreciative and respectful owners and charter guests.

In March 2021 I stepped off my last vessel, knowing that this would be my last onboard yacht role. I was now ready to leave the industry and begin my family.
I still work with Captains and yachts requiring my recruiting services, and crew requiring my consultancy services. Therefore, despite missing the adrenaline of being onboard, I still get to work within the industry I love the most.

I like to think of the yachting industry as the world’s most luxurious industry. To attain the highest standards demanded, these expectations should be sought after by all parties, especially the crew.
We should strive to continually raise the bar, not accepting anything but the best at all times. Representing the quality of our performance, and the industry’s reputation for others to aspire to.

In my opinion, initiatives like the Crew Awards help to motivate yacht crews and promote building a solid career, becoming a wellknown, respected, and recognisable professional.
This is also an opportunity to network, meet other seasoned crew members, and take inspiration from likeminded professionals that might have achieved some of the goals you are working towards. After being nominated, I feel incredibly grateful to have the honour to contribute as a judge. I am flattered to know that there are people in the industry that trust my judgement, and care about my opinion.


See you all soon,