Kristina Kiselova

Event Assistant

Kristina is an open-minded, but disciplined – positive, but realistic – passionate, but frugal young enthusiast, who is aiming to improve, develop and connect. She has a real appreciation of every situation and a philosophical point of view. She defines herself as a very precised and good-natured person – with a great imagination and courage. Currently a Dutch student and now a Spanish citizen, she origin from Bulgaria, where she studied in a Language High School and worked within the hospitality sectors. Since a young age, she spent almost every summer visiting her relatives in Mallorca, where she also worked as an assistant in a construction company. Kristina’s passion for music, quality art and wildlife makes her feel fulfilled and provide food for thought. Her love for exploring different cultures and cuisines can be seen in her adventurous eyes.

After three years of studying International Leisure and Events management, she gained knowledge on various topics related to the tourism, events and the leisure industries. Experiences, regarding organisational processes and voluntary work experiences are familiar to her. Now Kristina is able to create content that varies from project plans and creating concepts to executing processes and finding different problem-solving methods.