Paul Lindahl


Paul Lindahl has established himself as a thought leader in art and technology, with particular focus on art data within Blockchain.

As well as participating in BC Tech Summit panel discussions, Paul has most recently represented Arius Technology at Deloitte’s 11th Art and Finance Conference, which was held in Luxembourg last October. Paul joined a panel discussion about Big Data and AI in the Art World, sharing insights and trends about how high-quality data, like Arius’ 3D scan data, is essential for disrupting traditional art-world practices in terms of improving transparency and access to information about transaction history, condition reports and general provenance of fine art.

Please see a round up from the event in an Arius article:

Paul is also speaking on a panel at this year’s 2nd UNFOLD Art Xchange conference in Bahrain, taking place between March 7 – 9. In a similar vein, Paul will be sharing insights around art data and blockchain technology being used to revolutionize the artworld in relation to provenance and insurance. For instance, Arius’ 3D scan data can help set a new standard in condition reporting, with both a 3D fingerprint of a verified painting, which can be used to detect against fraud for future scans; as well as data that records surface detail as fine as 1/10 a human hair, which can be used to detect even the earliest signs of degradation.

Combined, these areas of Paul’s expertise are sure to bring value to the attendees of ACREW’s Art Onboard Superyachts event, where he’ll also be able to speak to the risk management of fine art on superyachts. From insurance and conservation perspectives, not only can Arius’ scan data provide value for works that are installed in high risk environments, but potentially an art collector may be required to move a delicate or extremely valuable artwork to the safety of art-storage facilities, in which case they could still enjoy a high-fidelity replica on their superyacht.