Rob Rademaker

Specialist Trainer - Bartending, Mixology, Barista & Tea
[email protected]

It was during his early days, working in kitchens, when Rob soon realised he was envious of those working front-of-house. For the following five years, Rob worked front-of-house learning essential service skills in five-star hotels. Soon after, he moved into bartending and was part of the Fabulous Shaker Boys before running his own lounge bar in Crete.
Rob’s extensive experience working at noteworthy cocktail bars and for prestigious cocktail events led to him landing the Head Trainer position at Bols Bartending Academy and Global Brand Ambassador for seven years. During this time he travelled the globe to train countless bartenders.

In 2013, Rob was awarded the title European Champion Tea Cocktails and Food Pairing by the Dilmah Real High Tea Challenge; during the finals of the global competition, Rob was awarded 9th place.
In addition to educating and inspiring others, Rob has successfully completed many recognised studies including: Beverage Alcohol Resource in New York; Barista Level 2 at Dutch Coffee Academy; WSET Level 2, Wine & Food Pairing at “de Echoput”; Master and Practice Speculator at Sincess; and Faux Tropical “Tiki” Bar school in Ibiza. Proost!

We’re thrilled that Rob now joins LH to share his knowledge and extensive experience with our clients.