Dr Stephan Hinz

Principal Engineer - Underwater Technology
[email protected]

With a background in mechanical engineering (design engineering) followed by a doctorate in the field of fibre composite materials for the aircraft industry, Stephan Hinz started his work at GL in 2007 in the Pressure & Underwater Technology department in Hamburg.

Since that time, he has been continuously developing his knowledge through activities in the field of rule development and in the classification of unmanned and manned underwater vehicles. Today, he is focused on newbuilding classification projects, performing plan approvals and surveys as well as periodical surveys of already classed manned submersibles.

Furthermore, he is active in the certification and inspection of manned hyperbaric pressure chambers (PVHO) and of all types of underwater technology components.

In addition, he is working as head of the Notified Body for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) under the related European Regulation (EU)2016/425, being particularly responsible for the certification of diving equipment.

“Looking back, it was great to participate in the first newbuilding classification project of a submersible in 2008/2009 and now, after such a long time since then, it’s fascinating being part of the reawakened boom of manned underwater vehicles worldwide.” – Stephan Hinz