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Improving crew longevity

Engagement Surveys

The Superyacht Crew Engagement Survey is a powerful instrument that effectively monitors the overall engagement and the antithesis of burnout of crew on board. This is done by using 3 scales:

  • Vigor: measuring energy levels, mental resilience, effort and persistence.
  • Dedication: assessing involvement, stimulation, enthusiasm, inspiration and pride.
  • Absorption: evaluating the ability to detach oneself from work.

An efficient tool to discover the mental state of crew.

Personality Assessment

The Superyacht Crew Personality Assessment is an insightful Personality Profile that helps crew discover their strengths & competences. This is done through a detailed report of 14 pages that addresses the following areas:

Key Personality / Behavioral Traits /Environmental Role Adjustments as it relates to the workplace / Key Strengths and Motivators as well as De-Motivators / Leadership Style / Decision-Making Style / Emotional Intelligence Levels / Stress and Energy Levels / Personal Learning Styles

Job Portal

Is your business considering hiring former Yacht Crew? With ACREW’s extensive Captain and Crew network, we can help you find the right candidate. Add your vacancy to ACREW’s job portal for our Captains and Crew to be able to view it and apply directly. We see ourselves as a connecting service rather than a recruitment agency; so we only charge a small fee upon the successful hire of one of our recommended candidates.

Hire, Test and Select

Hire, Test and Select is an effective 3-step process implemented by ACREW+ that helps the vessel find the perfect candidate for the team:

  1. Candidate Profile Report: the Candidate’s behavioral & personality analysis.
  2. Candidate to Job matching report: the Candidate’s suitability & compatibility with a certain position.
  3. Critical Thinking and Reasoning Assessment Report: the Candidate’s abilities and personality traits which may not be observable during traditional interviews.

Purpose, Band, Culture Session

By booking this service, the ACREW+ team aids in discovering the personality of vessels and their crew. After a 2 hours introductory session, a statement will be written that describes what the vessel stands for, aims to be, offers and requires. The insight offered can be used in hiring processes and as a basis for writing vacancies, amongst others.

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