Matteo Ceccarelli

Hello everyone my name is Matteo Ceccarelli 31 years old Italian Chef. I started very young in the Hospitality/Restaurant industry working in all field then moved to the Kitchen. I started working in the yachting industry in 2017 as a sole chef under a 50mt yacht.

Those are the goals and my tasks of every day, to allow fluid and top-notch work: Crew Cooking, Guest Cooking, Personal Development, No drama, Stress handling, Flexible, Provisioning, Innovative, Problem-solving.

I’ll try when time allows me to post with my social media day to day how I handle myself as a chef, showing behind the galley how everything is made. I cook for the crew and guests at the same standard as both deserve it to be at the top of the energy to assure a high standard level on the yacht.

For me, to be here nominated for this amazing award is an honour and it makes me proud of my journey. I am making sure to be stronger and better day by day.

I wish good luck to all my colleagues in the yacht industry!