Emery Wallerich

Hi there! My name is Emery and I have worked on yachts for almost 4 and a half years. I started off my yachting career as a deck/stew and made my way to 2nd Stewardess, only to go back to deck/stew because I was missing the wash downs too much;)

In all honesty, I have prided myself on learning as much as possible about both departments to make myself a better crew member. Starting in the industry right out of college with no yachting experience was intimidating. One thing that sticks in my mind was the captains that were willing to take the time and energy to teach and mentor me how to do both the interior and exterior and I have tried to keep that with me throughout my career. It’s ok to not know everything and I think that has helped me grow into the crew member and deckhand I am today. Never stop learning!