Holly Robertson

Getting my first job back in 2016, I didn’t see myself being in yachting for the long run. The same story goes “just here for the travels, make a bit of cash and figure out what I want to do when I grow up…” we all know it well yet here we all are.
I’ve always had an affinity to the water, being outdoors and hands on (as well as pure stubbornness to prove I can do what the boys can), so working on deck was the natural choice, but hearing from others who paved the way before me, I knew it wouldn’t be plain sailing. Knowing myself however, I’m not one to back down and have always fought to prove I’m more than capable of working alongside any other who chooses the deck life.
Through the years I’ve become acutely aware of my strengths and weaknesses and am not shy of admitting them. I’ve taken a real interest in the leadership aspect of the industry, building strong and happy teams and working together to support that growth. I’ve been lucky enough to work with some true legends who have each in turn moulded me into the deckie, lead and bosun I have been and hopefully make me an equally worthy Officer and Captain one day.
Somewhere along the way I backed myself and realised I’m actually not too bad at my job and can see a path worth following, so after much motivation from friends, family and some really epic Captains, the OOW journey is underway and nearly at the end and I’m keen to see where it takes me.