Amanda Jean Beaver

2014-2021Medical Support Offshore – Training Superyacht Crew
2020-2021 university of Tasmania – senior lecturer in Marine Medicine
2010-2014 Medaire – Superyacht Medical Training
2010-2019 – Rotation on Titania of Cowes and Permanent Race Crew
2010- 2019 – Permanent Race Crew SY Athos
2011-2019 – Race Crew Shamrock V

I don’t know what to say ????

Started yachting 1995 in Caribbean and went back and forth between sailing and nursing.

Studied rural and remote nursing specialized in masters of marine medicine and international and public health

Did a bunch of ocean races such as Sydney Hobart, fastenet, Fremantle Bali race, Caribbean 600

Plus maxis, superyacht cups, voile st tropes, Cowes weeks round the island, and all the Superyacht races out there!

Love what I do
Love training Superyacht crew
And I’m just determined to make Superyacht medicine an actual science and to make our industry safer.

Is that ok!