Amy Whitfield

My name is Amy Whitfield, I was born in Liverpool in 1987, but moved to New Zealand when I was just a tot, so much prefer to call myself a kiwi! In 2010 I began an OE, which like many people in this industry is the way their stories began too. In 2011 I began scraping around in my empty bank account for enough money for a flight to Antibes, where myself and my best bud landed an interview through Edmiston for a 50 meter private motor yacht – Ester II. We both got the job and worked side by side for 10 long months – both deciding this was the most difficult job we had ever done! Long hours, sore feet and a mixture of nationalities to work with. After Ester II I realized my strengths lay in the service department, and from there held a number of different positions on boats big and small, finding out what best suited me.

My second job was on a 35 meter – Helena, as Sole Stewardess. From there I went to a brand new 35m Sunseeker named Sia, as Chief Stewardess. Deciding after a while that I preferred a slightly larger crew and program I found a job as a Second/Service Stewardess on MY Yalla 47m. Here I leant from the most brilliant Chief Stew I have ever met, she was so passionate, organized and willing to help perfect and sophisticate the stews below her. I followed on to the brand new 74m Yalla as Head of Service, and really enjoyed the new aspect of an even larger boat. The fact that I had already worked with the owners and had a special relationship with them made my transition seamless.

From Yalla I was ready to make my first move to a 50m as Chief Stew and take on my own program, my now Husband, who I met on my first boat, and I were ready to work together also, and he took the Chief Engineer position. We worked on board MY Tribu for a year, and although this was a very interesting and different boat for both of us, something was still missing… So we went in search of greener grass, coming across the one and only Motor Yacht Muchos Mas. We both joined the build in Vancouver, getting to experience the whole process of building a brand new boat. Working with Carpenters, Marble Specialists, Designers, Fabric you name it, I was involved in it. Showing me a whole new sector of yachting I had never been involved in before. From there the boat completed a year of successful trips with the owner in the Caribbean Islands, and in December 2017 we introduced Muchos Mas to the Charter world at the famous Antigua Boat Show. She was an instant hit, and here was where my chartering career began, and I was so grateful to be able to learn yet another sector of the industry, which has been my favourite so far.

I think the success to being a great Chief Stewardess is building your team up around you, be a part of it and not above it. Involve everyone in your ideas and creativity. Create room to grow and to improve. And to be respected and show respect.