Anita Dayan

What an honour to be nominated.
I always loved nature since I was little girl.
Spend a great deal of time with my granpa on his little fishing boat which he build himself first deck crew experience!
Up early in the morning and going for adventures.. which naturally lead to lots of travelling in my early 20’s.
In my 30’s I’ve become a flight attendant and lived in Italy and Spain.
Spend a year in Israel visit Australia.
I spend most of my free time on the beach in Mallorca with friends or on small motorboats and sailing boats enjoying every minute spend there.
During covid made plans to get my qualifications to be able to start my Nautic career.
I was very lucky to get an opportunity to learn from very experienced professionals early on.
I’m very much looking forward for my first season and all the adventures and lessons I’ll learn on the way to my new career in yachting.