Azteca has been successfully operating for the last ten years, she is an impeccably kept vessel. The yacht itinerary is busy, but with excellent downtime opportunities to keep her well maintained.
There are many crewmembers that have been part of the team for a very long time, some of them over 10 years coming from the previous boat from the same owner.
We strive to improve the safety and enjoyment of the guests at every opportunity, recently we have tapped into the resources available on the ultraluxury hospitality scene and have implemented some interesting procedures that bring that extra joy to the experience.
All of this is only possible due to the fantastic team that we have onboard and the support from owners and shore side personnel. Keeping the crew stimulated, and making sure that they are advancing in their knowledge maritime and of the luxury services if of paramount importance for us.
We are verry happy to be nominated and look forward to the awards 2020!