Barbara Clerc

Barbara grew up in Cannes, South of France. As a teenager she spent her free time on the sea, racing Hobie Cat 16 or scuba diving. When she became a student she got her sailing instructor certificate to ensure being at sea every summer season. She studied communication, anthropology and journalism and became a documentary director whilst maintaining her passion for the sea every summer (hobie cat 16, windsurf, canoe, free diving) in the French riviera or in the Caribbean. After a few years in Paris, she decided that she could not live so far from the ocean and started a new life, back on the coast. She then entered the yachting industry and thanks to her experience she gained as an instructor over the years, Barbara evolved quickly. Barbara likes to take care of the boat, maintain it in good condition on a long term vision, as much as provide the immediate “wow” effect to the charter guests. Also, as she had been managing groups of children for many years, safety is her priority. Barbara’s passion is to see her guests smile and enjoy the beauty of being on the ocean. Very sporty, she is available to be your fitness trainer onboard at the sundeck gym, or will guide you and your children on snorkeling adventures as she is also a free diving instructor. She likes to manage her team by example and forward them the can-do attitude and the pride of their effort’s result. Barbara is qualified to Captain 200GT and speaks fluent English, French and Italian.

Barbara set up eco standards onboard of AWOL which means all products crew is using are eco-friendly. All deck products are biodegradable, degreaser for engine room is 100% sugarcane, dishwasher, householding, laundry detergents, and toiletries are eco labeled. Barbara tries to explain to guests how to preserve the sea which is always highly valued. Collecting any plastics she finds on her way is Barbara’s way to think about the human footprint in the world.
Further, Barbara is regularly in contact with JL Annone of “Yacht of heart” to collect or donate anything her Crew have left onboard at the end of a season, and is also using an app (“OBSenMER”) to notify and locate any animal she sees while cruising to help studying their migration.

Lastly, Barbara says: ‘I believe our first boss is the sea as we would not have a job if she was not so fantastic and beautiful, so we must respect her first!’