Ben Descoteau

With 28 years of experience as a chef, I can now look back and realize that it truly was the satisfaction and joy that comes from cooking a beautiful meal for people that was the catalyst to making this my life’s work. I take pride in catering equally to both guests and crew, always striving to create new and exciting menus for all. I have 17 years of experience in yachting with the last 11 on the same boat for the same family, so creativity and pushing myself to constantly grow, learn, and put the hard work in to do the best possible job is a must. Being a chef is my love language and I take it very seriously, whether it is a meal for the owner, the crew or the dayworkers. The food we eat is intrinsically linked to our happiness…and my job, my life’s work, is all about providing that moment of transcendence on a plate, that brief respite from the stress or hardships of life. I have had the fortune to travel, learn, cook and provision all over the world and that global education informs everything about my work. While my style is precise and measured, the most important tools I have are passion and a true love of what I do.