Bradley Van Rooyen

I am a young enthusiastic and energetic chef who loves travelling with the job. Travelling with the job brings new challenges with each location as certain foods are no longer readily available and also the fact you have to be courteous to religions.

Having worked on The Wellesley for 7 years I have learnt so much having been a charter boat for many different nationalities and walks of life has pushed me and the boundaries to always try to wow the clients.

I know I am young but I am very dynamic, Having worked in 5* hotels, Luxury Charter Yacht, to Nature sanctuaries in the middle of the African bush, I have had to learn to be adaptive and solve problems on the run.

Tante Marie where I did my professional training. This is where I fell in love with cooking and food even more. This is due to the opening my eyes and giving me the necessary skills to experiment and learn more about food. In saying this not all experiments go to plan but there is only one way to learn isn’t there? I am a full believer in you have to Fail to improve and become a better person.